Ed Deane is a guitarist, singer and composer based in Ireland.

His musical style, based in the blues, encompasses many musical forms, including world music, rock and roll, folk and traditional, and more avant garde forms such as experimental theatre and free improvisation

Ed has been touring and recording with many artists since the early 1970s. Artists he has recorded and played with include Frankie Miller, Donovan, Dana Gillespie,Nick Lowe, Henry Mccullough, Chris Jagger, Shane McGowan and Bap Kennedy, among others.

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Ed plays regular gigs in Ireland and the UK. He has a Thurdsay night residency at Frank Ryans in Smithfield Dublin, playing with Left, Right and Centre. The Ed Deane band regularly plays at Dublins premier Blues and Jazz venue, JJ Smyths. For up-to-date information on Ed’s live gigs, select the Gigs category menu to the right.

To view a selection of Ed’s live music performances, visit Ed’s youtube channel.